Analysis Tools

This site is designed to perform quick analysis on air quality data from the DEFRA AURN observations sites around the UK. To explore the data, you can use the plotting tools or the map of the uk . These are both in development stage and therefore may be temperamental.

You can currently produce different plots for all the active DEFRA sites for a number of years. The types of plots available will be extended and the data availability will be vastly increased in the coming months.

Future Plans

This website is being constantly developed and changed. The analysis tools available are an example of the analysis that can be performed with air quality data, however they are by no means the limit of what can be done. The tools will be adapted to better fit the needs of the users and more tools will be added as they are developed.

More data will be added over time and better ways of selecting data will become available in the future.

As the site is in the early stages of deployment so you may come across a number of bugs which will be ironed out over time. If you spot any bugs or have ideas of tools you would like to use then please contact me.

About Us

The main developer for this site and the analysis tools is Doug Finch, a data scientist at the University of Edinburgh in the School of Geosciences. This site is being developed as part of a larger project by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), with a focus improving the accessibility air quality data from new observational super sites being set up around the UK in the coming years.

This is collaborative project between a large number of UK Universities and will be expanded as required by all collaborating partners and other users to the site.

If you would like to contact the the developer for this site please feel free to email.